Rail systems

Rail systems

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Sliding door system for wood doors, weight up to 130kg, thickness 35mm. Available in horizontal hold system and in vertical hold system with built-in fittings (Retrac). "Silver" anodized aluminium or natural profile.

Systems tested up to 100.000 cycles as per standard EN1527.

For further information and door specifications (finishes, weight, height) please contact us. 

Klein Design.

Sliding door hardware complete with buffers, hanger bolts, carrier plates attachement angles, floor guide. For wall and ceiling attachement. Doors maximum weight 140kg.

GEZE Design.

149.45 € *

Cannel rail for ceiling or wall attachement with angles, carriage, hanger bolts, carrier plate, floor guide and rail buffers. Door maximum weight 80kg.

GEZE Design.

60.27 € *

Supplement for two leaf doors. Wall and ceiling attachement. Weight of each leaf up to 75kg.

Geze Design.

178.35 € *

Channel rail for ceiling and wall. Door maximum weight 140kg.

GEZE design.

52.89 € *

Carriage with hanger bolts.

GEZE Design.

24.23 € *

Floor guide.

GEZE Design.

0.98 € *

IVA included. Dispatch price on request.